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It is not the first time that we talk about USB plugs. Every day there are more devices for a universal box of easy installation with which to be able to charge your mobile devices in a more comfortable, fast way and without occupying a traditional plug. This time we show you our three best options to install a socket with USB output.

USB socket outlets

Traditional sockets, in recent times, are being replaced by more functional, more practical, and according to current needs. Nowadays you cannot conceive of a home or a workplace without a place to charge your mobile, tablet or pc.

For this reason, the USB charging sockets that some series of mechanisms have already been invented. But why give up a plug for a USB when you can have both? For this reason, the best option is to replace traditional plugs with a base with USB outlets. In this way, you have a free plug and also charge your mobile devices.

Features of USB plugs

There are different models on the market for USB plugs, but they all have shared characteristics:

  • 1 or 2 USB outputs
  • 2A outputs approximately for fast charging
  • to embed or pluggable into another socket

Plug with double USB charger

  • Pluggable portable device
  • Take it anywhere in your office or home
  • Plug in and ready to charge.
  • USB outputs and a plug output
  • Economical, portable, small size

USB Plug

We bring this monobloc socket, ready to remove the old plug and place the new one with USB.

You do not give up the plug, and you have a 2.1A USB point.

Plug with 2 GSC USB

GSC brings us this socket with two USB output ports. If one is already great, two ports are fantastic. You can take a look at this base that has it all. Ease of assembly, neutral and modern design, and the usual quality.

And for the most demanding

For the most demanding, the most personalized option: Premier cable companies have recently unveiled all of its sockets with dual USB ports. We already talked recently about these USB plugs on our blog, so there is little more to say about these devices: quality, design, and the support of a great brand.

To end

Comfort and accessibility make these devices one of the most popular products in recent times. Without sacrificing design and quality, you can have your mobile well charged for the daily battle.

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